Audio and Visual Systems

SITEM provides a wide range of audio-visual systems such as conference room systems, video wall systems, console tables, and many more.

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Meeting Room System

Site Preparation Management Co., Ltd. (SITEM) is a specialist in design and construction of data center, information technology building, technology center building, intelligent building. We can combine various communication technologies to build an audiovisual system meeting room for a data center or intelligent building for the highest satisfaction of customers in every organization. The company is ready to provide services ranging from consulting, design, equipment selection, installation, project management and after-sales service under the international standards. We prioritize the purpose of use and value of investment.

Audio System

Sound system engineering Is the heart of the audiovisual system We are the inventors of sound engineering development by recruiting. And update technology to be up-to-date at all times Since the announcement system Emergency alarm system Sound system for presentations, symposia, as well as audio systems for entertainment Both in the meeting room Banquet rooms, classrooms, auditoriums, cinemas, theaters, department stores, restaurants, entertainment venues, etc.

Lighting System

We provide design and installation services by experienced engineers with consultation on all types of lighting systems, including general lighting systems, Architectural Dimming System, stage lighting in theater, concert and studio lighting.

Smart Rooms & Intelligent Buildings

Convenient with design and installation of automatic programs that act as an integration of audio, visual, lighting and other device systems, allowing you to control and order the operation of various systems easily at the touch of a finger without relying on technicians.

Conference & Interpretation System

Increase the efficiency of the meeting And coordination With selection of meeting equipment with beautiful design Comes with all modern technology Combined with visual equipment And modern sound To create a meeting system that is suitable for all forms of coordination Whether it is a small group Or a large meeting with hundreds of exhibitors Not only helps to communicate clearly But also increase the efficiency of the meeting Build credibility And demonstrate the potential of your organization’s readiness as well.

Visual System & Digital Signage

With the power of communication through images and videos, the visual system has become an important media in everyday life. With the most advanced digital technology, we pay attention to every design details and installation of the visual system in the huddle room, the command room or the Digital Signage system, as well as the VDO Wall. These can help you improve the efficiency of data communication through the image and video system making content that you want to present more interesting and attracting and promoting a good image for your organization as well.

We bring various communications technology together to create a state of the art audio-visual system or a meeting room to create maximum customer satisfaction.

Video Wall

Video Wall technology is a technology developed from projector that we often see in cinema, presentation or even home and residential use.

The technology that is currently very popular is the DLP technology or Digital Light Processing, manufactured by Texas Instrumet from the United States. It is highly effective in supporting light and color to suit the screen. The DLP video wall is widely adopted for control room, monitor room and NOC (Network Operation Center) as display screen.

It can project images or things at the same time depending on the signal of the device that is plugged into the controller. The video wall technology supports many types of signal such as VGA, coaxial, DVI, or even HDMI. The resolution of the screen is different depending on the device’s version.

Video Wall Benefits

The light and brightness is controlled by DLP to make it easy to use, it can operate 24 hours straight with the lifespan of up to 100,000 hours and it does not require many or complex maintenance. What is needed to do is to replace light tubes every 2 years and lenses every 3 years, but it does not cost much.So, it is system that allows users to work easily. Images can be reviewed at any time. It also has a luxurious and beautiful look for people who visit as well.

The video wall comes with several sizes from 50 inches to 87 inches. Controller can support up to 32 inputs per device and can be connected to another in case of future application as well.

Video Walls can be seen in various commercial buildings across the country, used to make an impression on the audience. or display information or product advertisement on a large area to reinforce the brand or generate interest from the people in the building or the display area.

Console Furniture – REDECON

In general operation room, most of them used by employees or operators. They inspect things via computer and furniture has to designed supporting the long-time operation. In 2020, Site Preparation Management brings the solution for operation room to expand our service.

Redecon is console furniture brand that is made for control room, command center and NOC room. Redecon’s furniture is ergonomics design so it is suitable for the operation. Apart from that, Redecon’s furniture is designed is designed for ease of computer maintenance by the back-side or the side that user define.

LCD display, height adjustable for convenience and viewing comfort. Panels have ventilation channels. CPU slot Designed for easy access when service is needed. Available in a range of colours.

Contact the SITEM team on SITEM’s official LINE account @sitem  or fill out the form at the end of this page for more information or any inquiries to SITEM’s products and services.

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