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SITEM provides security and monitoring solutions covering a wide range of needs, such as emergency call systems, smart safety locks, automated key management systems, access control systems and closed circuit television systems as well as automatic water leak detection systems, oil leak detection systems and more.

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Cloud Lock Management System

Getting to know the Cloud Lock Management System for rack cabinet which is used to effectively secure your data center.

Cloud Lock Management System is an intelligent security lock system for rack cabinets. Cloud Lock system uses electronic device to synchronise data on mobile applications in order access data through the Cloud system which is more secure than original lock system that has the mechanical lock device. This makes it difficult to monitor user access to the rack.

Access to the electronic lock can be done by normally plugging in the key to the lock. However, the electronic keys must be approved via the application before opening the lock.

One electronic key can be used with more than one electronic lock by authorising the access of multiple electronic locks to one electronic key and other keys can also access all electronic locks.

The benefits of installing Cloud Lock Management System are:

• Electronic locks need no wiring to work
• It is not possible to duplicate the electronic lock
• Easy to use in areas where many locks can be open with one single key such as large buildings or data center
• High security for area access because the access must be approved by the system first
• Access to all electronic lock can be monitored real-time as well as the access history

How Cloud Lock system works.

The equipment used in the system consists of three parts which are:

1. Electronic lock
2. Electronic Key
3. Application

Automatic KEY Management System/KEYRACK

In general buildings including data centers, there are many keys for  internal usage which needed to have a good management to prevent any lost. In 2020, Site Preparation Management Co., Ltd. (SITEM) will import a product for  automatic key management under the brand of CREONE from Sweden.

There will be wide range in size of this key management cabinet in order to respond the usage in different size of the buildings. The system comes with various functions such as the intelligent pin system (Intellipin) which is the combination between the key system and management software that allows users to set the password and access time for each key. Moreover, the key cabinets come with the programable alarm through the  software. This system is not only available in password method but can also be used with a card reader and RFID. Once the password is input to unlock a key, the LED will light up telling the users where the key is located.

The available size of the key cabinets will be 42, 84, 224, 924 keys and for the large building, there is a solution of this product where the key storage will be embedded into the room for more room to store the keys.

Access Control And CCTV Surveillance System

Basic security systems that all organizations have are access control and cctv surveillance systems.

SITEM choose the product of UTC Group (UTC Security solution), which is the LENEL and Interlogix products, which are now widely used in intelligent buildings around the world.

Lenel is the most widely used open platform product in the world. Because it is a secure system, effective, easy to use and integrated solution with security systems such as CCTV, Video Management System, Fire Alarm System, Intrusion Detection System and Key management system. Moreover, it can be operated and monitored via mobile network using up-to-date application.

Access Control

Access Control System : A system for checking authorized person and recording data of person entering and exiting the area for security purposes. The authorized person is unable to unlock door or device unless must be checked by 3 following factors:

  • RFID Tag (Card or Token)
  • PIN (Password) Biometric
  • (Finger Print, Face Recognition or IRIS)

High-security Access Control can be compatible with other security systems including CCTV, Visitor Management and Turnstile etc. To check list of entrance and exit into the area, recorded image at a time of incident can be watched or authorization can be set in advance using Visitor Management system.

Water Leak Detector

Water Leak Detector is designed to detect water leakage in unseen area of Data Center. For example, condensation tray of Air Conditioning Unit, under raised floor, because these area are very critical and water would cause serious damage to electronics device or computer so when leakage occurs, operator must respond right away.

SITEM provides 3 solutions for Automatic Water Leak Detection: Automatic Water Leak Detection System – ELSA, Automatic Water Leak Detection System – WATER SENSE and TDR Water Leak Detection System – PERMALERT.

ELSA products are divided into 2 versions.

1. 3L-DP

Connect with the sensing cable up to 200 meters in length. This type cannot specify the distance but can notify when there is water leakage by audio signals and LEDs. It is suitable for detection in the near distance

2. 3L- SP/DP

DP is able to connect with sensing Cable of up to 20,000 meters in length. It is designed to meet the need to reduce the risk of leakage by laying the sensing cable or water leakage sensing cable on the area risked of water leakage such as area under an air conditioning, water pipes or surrounding area. When water leaks, the cable will send data to be processed at the control device. So, we will know the location of water leakage. The system will display the length of the sensing cable in meter on the LCD screen and notify by audio. It can be connected to the EMS system by communicating through the Modbus protocol for easily monitoring of water leakage.

Example of the connection of water leakage detection system in multiple zone.

The Touch Screen display can show the result when the water leakage is indicated on the map that installed with water detection system. It is suitable for installation for entire building. Each level of the building is divided into each zone and connected with Modbus RS485

Water Sense consists of 2 models:

1. LD

This version cannot identify distance but can notify leakage by sound and LED light. It is suitable for short-range detection or simple detection.


Can identify distance. Apart from sound notification, it can locate distance from water leakage by calculating from length of sensing cable and leader cable. Distance can be checked by comparing with designed plan using Software Monitoring.

Water Sense LDI-IM is designed to answer the need for water leak detection. It works by Sensing Cable which passes through risk-prone area of water leak such as area under air-conditioning system or surrounding area. When water leaks, the cable will send the data to controller for processing. The data can be used to locate water leakage by showing distance of sensing cable in meters with sound notification.

Water Sense is developed for convenient use in large area by using Software Monitoring. This program shows the photo of location where the equipment is installed including Sensing Cable layout. When there is unusual occurrence, program will notify at that area without searching from cable length. Also, program can keep records and history of incidents in that area can be printed out.

TTK or Liquid Leak Detection

It is designed to minimize the risk in liquid such as water, acid, oil, hydrocarbon liquid and solvent leaks to answer the need to reduce the risk in shaft system, large machine installation area or areas requiring the detection of the above-mentioned liquid.

Water Leak Detector System with TDR technology

It is necessary for every data center to have a water leak detector system installed to prevent any leaked water which can come from air conditioner or nearby walls and rooms.

The working mechanism of water leak detector system with TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) is similar to the sonar used in ships which send out the wave that can detect the leaked water in various spots at the same time. The system is differently designed from other water leak detector systems that only detect leaked water at the short-circuit spot.

The advantages of TDR technology are that there will be no false alarm from dust or condensed water and can detect leaked oil at the same time. Moreover, the maximum length of sensing cable can be up to 2.3 kilometers. From the mentioned advantages, the system can be applied in various type of works for instant, detecting leaked water in double coated pipes or under the dusty ceiling of a data center where there is some condensed water which can triggers the false alarm.

In 2020, Site Preparation Management will import the water leak detector system product with TDR technology and establish the marketing plan under the brand of PermAlert from U.S.A.

Oil Leak Detector

Oil Leak Detector is a system that detects oil leak. The system is designed to reduce the risk of oil spills in risk-prone areas such as large machinery area, generator room, area around oil pipelines or area under oil tank etc. by alerting the user to be able to take corrective action in a timely manner.

Oil Leak Solutions Long Line Digital Unit for Oil Leak Detection + Oil Sense FG-OD Cable + Accessories for oil leak detection

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