Fire Protection Solution and Fire alarm

The most common problems from fire protection today is the damage caused by the large amount of water injected in the fire scene after the automatic sprinkler system works. This is a big problem for occupant of building who cannot return to the area immediately after the incident. Another problem is that the clean agent fire protection cannot be used in open areas. So sometimes they cannot be installed in common areas.

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Water Mist System

Hi-Fog is a high-pressure water mist system that will replace any other existing fire suppression systems such as automatic sprinkler system, FM 200, IG100, IG55, NOVEC1230 clean agent fire suppression system etc. Hi-Fog is not harmful to life and property and is also environmentally friendly.

The principle of fire suppression is to reduce the flame temperature by exposing surface area of water droplets to flames. HI-FOG is invented by increasing surface area of water which can be done by making water droplet to be smaller which is called mist. This increases the surface area of water droplet that touches the flame. So, it can absorb heat to better control and reduce the temperature of the fire. Because the water drops are very small, it is easier to change its state to steam. As a result, it can absorb heat from the ignition source faster, thus lowering the burning rate and quickly suppress the fire. In addition, when the mist touches the flame, the steam from the condensation of the water droplets will replace air in that area resulting in reduced oxygen level in area where the fire is burning.

Local inerting makes the combustion process incomplete which enhance the fire suppression efficiency. After the fire is suppressed, water droplets also reduce the temperature of the fuel such as plastic, wood, and paper to prevent ignition.

Nowadays, HI-FOG is widely adopted in Europe for public buildings such as office buildings, shopping centers, cinemas, hotels, restaurants and other places that contains fuels such as paper and plastic. HI-FOG is also suitable for areas where residents are not familiar with fire escape routes such as museums or entertainment venues because sprayed water from HI-FOG can protect and reduce heat ray which help residents to escape the fire easier. HI-FOG has been certified by FM Approvals, VdS, UL, BSI, etc. including NFPA 750 (Standard on Water Fire Protection), CEA4001 (Sprinkler System: Planning and Installation) and Engineering Institute of Thailand Under H.M. The King’s Patronage’s fire suppression standards (EIT Standard 3002-51).

Important areas such as data center, machinery space, generator room, industrial application, petrochemical industries, large telecommunication center, large tunnel, transformer room, large building and hotel use this type of fire suppression system. So, it is not surprising that the water mist system (Water Mist System) is called “The Future Fire Suppression System”

Comparison table for Water Mist and Gas System
Water Mist Fire Protection System Gas System
Easy for end-user Difficult for end-user
Can be used in open area or large office Cannot be installed in open area
No risk of False Activation Risk of False Activation
Low maintenance cost High maintenance cost
Do not have to refill fire extinguisher because water is used as extinguisher High cost of extinguisher
No harm to life and property including environment Some extinguisher gas is dangerous to human and environment

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High Sensitivity Smoke Detector System

High Sensitivity Smoke Detector (HSSD) is commonly used in Data Centers because HSSD is more sensitive than regular smoke detectors so the system can alert user before the incident will cause damages. It also helps the officer to handle the incident and fix it in time which is worth the investment.

TITANUS is a high-sensitivity smoke detection, “time.” If you want, it is extremely important. In that event, we will know in advance or need to fix a problem where the smoke detection system sensitivity. It can make us aware of the future that will occur among the oval’s rescue. Just the origin of birth then. Smoke detection systems are highly sensitive to audit and alert operators to give access to the check-in areas at risk. Investigated and looked to potentially smoke or sparks in the early. This reduces the damage that will occur.

Smoke detection systems with a high sensitivity of a new technology, TITANUS WAGNER. System for air sampling smoke detection system samples the air hoses through the smoke, a detailed monitoring system takes air samples from a risk and sent to the optical and error detection can try to pick from a variety of environments.


STRATOS are High Sensitivity Smoke Detectors using the forward Light Scattering Detection technology to lead and analyze sample particles in room air. The detector will draw a combined air sample into its inlet manifold from a pipe network, then filters and analyzes the sample in a laser detection chamber. If the particles are causing scattering to the ranger outside the system setpoint, the detector will create an alarm.

How the HSSD2 works.
How the HSSD2 works.

The use of smoke detectors depends on the working area. Whether the room needs to be detected separately or there are many areas for detection, the system can provide all solutions as needed.

STRATOS can be use in open spaces or danger and smoke-prone areas such as warehouse, museum, church or storage come. The intelligent software can learn and remember the environments around the device and configure itself to provide the highest sensitivity suitable for use in any conditions.


Fire Suppression System

Fire Suppression System (NOVEC 1230 , FM200 , IG100 , IG55)

Automatic fire suppression system for data center, Data center stores the important data of organization, so an automatic fire suppression system should be provided since the data center is running 24 hours. There are many types of fire suppression agent, such as FM200, NOVEC 1230, Inert Gas. If a fire occurs when everyone is absent, the incident will not be handled. Automatic fire suppression using chemical or inert gas is suitable for data center or computer room.

Fire Incidents

1. The fuel that causes fire is chemical divided into two types: inorganic and organic chemicals

** Inorganic chemical is a mineral that is not produced by the organism and is not composed of carbon, such as Potassium Nitrate, Sodium, and acids etc.

** Organic chemical is a substance that comes from living things and contains carbon, such as oil, coal, natural gas, etc.

2. Heat is what causes fuel temperatures to rise to fire point which cause the proper elements for fire, also known as complete combustion reaction. Each fuel has different fire points.

3. Oxygen The normal atmosphere composed of 79.04% nitrogen, 20.93% oxygen and 0.03% Oxygen is an agent that supports combustion. Each combustion requires only 16% oxygen. If oxygen is below 16%, the combustion will not continue and the fire will not burn. Therefore, it is possible to see that all fuels are surrounded by oxygen sufficient for combustion. The more oxygen, the more fuel burns. Some fuels internally composed of enough oxygen to burn without the oxygen surrounding them.

There are many types of suitable automatic fire suppression for data center such as water, inert gas or clean agent.

  • Fire suppression using water or sprinkle can extinguish fire but It will damage the equipment inside the data center.
  • There are many types of inert gases used in data center such as IG55, IG100, IG541.
  • The chemical commonly used are such as FM200, Halogen, NOVEC 1230.

Class ประเภทต่างๆ ของเพลิง

Technology for chemicals or gases used in fire suppression has been developed not to damage the environment and harm people. So, chemical or gases used in fire suppression must has ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) or GWP (Global Warming Potential) equal to or nearest to 0, which makes FM200 unpopular. Because it is believed to damage the environment. NOVEC1230 has been used in replace and is currently popular because the clean agent such as FM200 or NOVEC1230 has lower pressure than inert gas such as IG100 IG55 IG541, resulting in a very convenient installation. Clean agent will not damage equipment and property. These clean agents, FM200, NOVEC1230, IG100, IG55 are used in Total flooding system. The area must be well closed to prevent clean agents from leaking out of the protected area during the operation of total flooding system using fire suppression clean agent.


OxyReduct® – The latest innovation in preventing fire. Made in Germany under the brand “WAGNER”.

OxyReduct based on the simple principle of fire is triggered only when. Enough fuel (heat) energy and oxygen if the concentration of oxygen in the event of a fire is reduced. Power can not be published, broadcast possible. Due to lack of oxygen And turns off immediately OxyReduct create nitrogen are needed to reduce the concentration of oxygen in the surrounding air. Nitrogen was made to enter the area to be protected for fires, will serve to reduce the oxygen level in the set. (A level that does not cause a fire) in advance, so the room where the oxygen level is controlled by OxyReduct are safe from fire or equipment used in the room where there is no risk at all to fires. And can be operational within a controlled amount of oxygen as well.

Nitrogen Generator Model Overview

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OxyReduct based on the simple principle that fire is triggered only when there is enough fuel (heat), energy and oxygen. OxyReduct reduces the concentration of oxygen in the event of a fire.

Contact the SITEM team on SITEM’s official LINE account @sitem  or fill out the form at the end of this page for more information or any inquiries to SITEM’s products and services.

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