Environment & Temperature Monitoring

SITEM offers a wide range of temperature measurement solutions for a variety of applications. Contact our sales engineers to get detailed information about different types of devices and get the best deals.

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Wireless Environmental Monitoring – Wireless Sensor

Wireless Sensor Packet Power‘s range of wireless environmental monitors combines industry-leading flexibility with exceptionally low costs. Track temperature, relative humidity where needed. And installation is fast and easy.

Measuring temperature and humidity in front of the rack in Data Center

The highly flexible temperature monitoring system lets you gather temperature data from one to six points per cabinet. Monitor at six points per cabinet to gain detailed insight into high ­density cabinets and scale back to one or two probes to lower monitoring costs in low ­heat areas. Mix and match different probe lengths to perfectly match your monitoring strategy or use pre­configured probe kits to maximize ease of installation.

Measure the temperature and humidity in front of data center racks.

Ex. Management Software

Many data center infrastructure management (DCIM) applications have to be extensively customized before they can provide useful information. Often this requires the use of expensive consultants and adds months to a monitoring deployment. We took a different approach with EMX. EMX focuses on power and environmental monitoring, and it provides a great deal of useful information immediately on installation. And we kept the process of tailoring it to your specific needs simple so you can do it yourself. EMX provides instant access to the primary monitoring information you need and the independence to customize as little or as much as you want when you want.

Ex. Dashboard
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Different types of installations

Wireless Power Monitoring

True plug and play power monitoring

Smart Power Cables revolutionize branch circuit monitoring. Other solutions can be costly to implement, complex to install and difficult to scale. Smart Power Cables avoid these issues by incorporating metering in a power cord and accessing the energy usage data via a wireless network. Since the cables can be used with any device with a plug, there’s no need to uninstall existing equipment, and you can have one monitoring system that works across all your devices.


  • Accurately measure V, A,W, Wh, VA, Hz and PF on both 1-phase and 3-phase circuits.
  • Covers plugs type IEC, NEMA or by region.
  • Standard cable length or can be customized
  • Compatible with hardware from other brands
  • View real-time data via Dashboard
  • Plug-and-play installation, easy to install. No wiring or hiring an electrician is required.
Wired electrical measuring device
Ex. Installation 1
Ex. Installation 2


Wireless electric meter
Wireless electric meter

Wireless Power Meter measure current and voltage of main circuit and support 10 to 6000A and 100 to 600V for three – phase circuits.

Wireless Power Meter Features

  • Accurately measure V,A,W,Wh,VA,Hz and PF of 3-phase electrical circuits.
  • View real time data via Dashboard

Packet Power Installations

Contact the SITEM team on SITEM’s official LINE account @sitem  or fill out the form at the end of this page for more information or any inquiries to SITEM’s products and services.

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