Data Center Construction

A Data Center or Computer Center is like a home that takes care of and supports IT or information systems 24 hours a day. But how do we manage and maintain a computer center to meet ‘Maximum performance’ is a key question for computer center administrators or IT staff.

SITEM as a company supports organizations to achieve economic and social growth, including the development of IT to help compete with the world’s leading organizations. Developing high standard data centers are a key factor in improving our IT capabilities.

In the construction of data centers, SITEM’s highly experienced professional team takes into account the many elements and key factors.

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Aluminum Grid Structure

Grid Aluminum Ceiling Structure System for Data Centers

Tate Grid is a ceiling solution for hanging large equipment indoors instead of traditional support installations. Tate Grid helps you design and identify solutions in advance. This is a cost-effective solution and saves time for installation.

Key Features

  • Quick and easy installation compared to traditional mounting systems.
  • The grid area can be selected according to the needs of each project.
  • Reduces the need for a variety of installation equipment

Airflow Controls for Data Center Raised Access Floor Systems
– SmartAire Tate

Manage Airflow for Data Center Data Centers

SmartAire® MZ is an automatic air adjustment device suitable for use in data centers. SmartAire® MZ can operate with 4 independent heat zones. The floor sheets will automatically open and close the air vents to adjust to the heat. When the equipment in the rack is changed, the SmartAire® MZ plate automatically balances the air supply.

As the IT load increases, the conventional raised floor perforate sheet cannot be sufficiently adjusted to meet the increased load. The introduction of the SmartAire MZ is a great solution to this problem.

Key Functions

  • 0-22kW load support with DirectAire panel
  • Prevents malfunction. In any case, the plate will open 100%
  • SNMP and TCI/IP communication.
  • Users can set preferred temperature
  • 12 adjustable openings.
  • 4 zones adjustable from 0 – 100 %
  • Quick response to temperature change.
  • The maximum temperature can be seen on the screen.
  • Reliable, able to automatically N+1 switch the power circuit from 2 sources.

Data Center (Strong Room)

Strong room for large organizations. Information, whether it is business information, financial or customer information is top priority for organizations that value data collection and make every effort to prevent the loss of such data. This may be due to theft or loss due to system operations or loss from fire or natural disaster.

A Strong Room, also known as an IT Security Room, is used within a computer center to store important data on information systems such as server equipment, tape, storage disks including important storage devices. In the event that this data is lost or corrupted could result in huge losses for the organization. Or perhaps even bankruptcy.

Strong rooms that are widely accepted must be EN 1047-2 certified and certified by a reputable institution such as the ECB-S (European Certification Board Security System), which is the most recognized in Europe.

In addition to the EN 1047-2 standard, which describes fire resistance for a period of 1 hour with a room temperature of not more than 70°C and relative humidity not exceeding 85%, the strong room should also able to withstand the force of injected water, and stand against acidic gases caused by combustion as well as protect against soot and dust, explosions and strong impacts and against theft.

Data Safe

Data Safe many people may think that Data Safe is for keeping money in house or office but a Safe used in despecially for electronic data such as Streamer Tape, Giga Tape, LTO-Tape ,Disk CD-ROM, Optical Disc, DLT-Tape etc.

In case the data is damaged or loss, it means a great loss for organization leading to higher risk and bankrupt. In the present, strong room accepted from organizations is the one that certified by EN 1047- 2 and from credible institutes such as ECB-S institute (European Certification Board Security System) which is the most accepted institute in Europe. Apart from EN 1047-2 standard which certified that it can withstand fire for at least 1 hour by keeping room temperature below 70 degree Celsius and relative humidity below 85%. Strong room can prevent water pressure, acidic gas from combustion, smoke and dust, force of explosion and impact force including robbery, disturbance signal and radiation.

PYPLOK Fittings

Installing or repairing piping system without welding or heat.

Nowadays, factory or building has systems, devices or areas that are highly sensitive to heat or area where is difficult to access for repairing a pipe system such as factory with combustible substance or material, factory packed with workers, IT server area, data center, room storing document or important goods, building where piping system is in confined and difficult areas for welding or area with many other restrictions.

The solution of these problems is the Cold Work Piping System or the pipe installation and repair without welding or heat. Now, there is not many Cold Work Piping system and there is less system that are tested and certified by world recognized institutions.

We recommend the solution that has been tested and certified. It has been used to install in a wide range of industries with high standards of pipe work. We are confident that this option is one of the best choices for those looking for installation and repair of the piping system without welding and heat.

Cutting and separating pipes

Pipe repair requires seperating the liquid within pipeline before cutting or reparing piping system. The system that has been designed as a separate system can be closed using valve located at the begin of pipe branch before the repair. If the system does not have valves, liquid seperating must be done by shutting down the valve at the main pipe or shutting off the entire liquid system, which can affect the business, production or other applications.

The solution for these liquid separation without valves can be done by hardening the liquid to fill the pipe and block the flow. The equipment used for the pipe freezing is all likely the same, by covering the pipes in the required parts, and then injecting liquid nitrogen or liquid carbon dioxide into the covered pipes to harden the liquid in the pipe as shown in an example picture.

To avoid the use of flames for cutting metal pipes, Cold Cut technologies in many industries are available in a variety of types. if considering the ease of portability tools, acceptable cutting performance, cleanliness in the work area after cutting and cost of cutting which is the most important, we choose Cold Cut system which is the most appropriate option in terms of price, performance and usability in every location.

Installation and assembly of piping systems

In the past, no matter where the pipe system is located, installation and assembly of the pipe requires welding that generates heat, spark and dirt. Nowadays, technology has made the welding process no longer necessary.

The benefits of the weldless piping technology are:

  • No heat and flame in important areas.
  • No electrical wave generated from high current in welding or glare from occured sparks, which can damage sensitive or fragile electronic devices.
  • No need for workers with welding skills. Even highly experienced welder may have an error in welding.
  • No welding test is required. Some of the test requires X-ray or chemical.
  • Works can be done everywhere that is humanly accessible. Unlike the welding that requires to connects wires and gas pipe with an equipment. If there is no power source nearby, the equipment preparation can turn into a big task.
  • Use less people. Only one person can finish it.
  • Faster than welding.
  • New pipe can be prepared directly from the factory. As a result, the quality and cleanliness of the pipes can be controlled.
  • Save higher cost than welding.
  • Only one equipment can be used for all types of pipes. Unlike welding, tools and materials vary according to the type of pipe.
  • The chances of human error are so small. Because the installation tools are designed to be easy to use and reduce the chance of errors.

PYPLOK technology that we choose is a patent product from Canada. It is certified by world class standards such as ASME, ANSI, DNV, ABS, BV, CCS, NK, and LLYOD.

Many leading companies in the world have chosen PYPLOK to replace the welding of pipe system and have a history of using PYPLOK for nearly 20 years, ensuring that PYPLOK has long lifetime equal to or longer than the pipe itself.

PYPLOK Fitting is designed to be worn with the pipe at the ends of the fitting, each end with 2 O-rings. The O-Ring acts as a sealant in the pipe. Once worn on the pipe as specified, PYPLOK’s exclusive Fitting Tool is designed to fit fittings and O-Ring with the pipe and it will become a permanent joint ready to use.

PYPLOK has variety of types including straight joints, bent joints, three-way joints, reducer, flanges, screw or hydraulic joint.

Container Data Center

A container data center is a data center consisting of the calculation and design of systems that support various devices necessary in all data centers, such as power system, UPS, air conditioning system, automatic fire protection, security system Including the monitoring and warning system of the environment within the data center, etc. The electrical system and air conditioning will be designed as Redundance (N + 1) for system stability. Also, the design must be sufficient for the operation of computer equipment and fit the size of the container.

The major advantages of a container data center are:

  • The system is highly stable. Each of the container data center is designed to be separated without interfering with each other.
  • It is easier to expand than traditional data centers because it is designed as module.
  • Can select the location of the data center in many areas.
  • Easy to relocate

Limitations of the container data center are:

  • The price is quite high compared to the traditional data center.
  • There is a risk of corrosion of the container wall from the environment in case of installation in outdoor area, this may cause water and moisture leakage.
  • Security needs to be more stringent because container data centers are easier to access.

At SITEM, we know that data centers or computer centers which is the main infrastructure for various IT systems are of great importance. Data centers must be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every facility that supports the main devices need to meet various standards accordingly.

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